Shenzhen LED display advantages revealed


With the LED fire shade in recent years, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain uprooted is for all to see.   Although the LED industry is huge, but the national area for the hot number of beautiful pengcheng ---- Shenzhen.   Shenzhen LED display manufacturers in the country's many manufacturers, stand out, among the best.   Why are shenzhen LED display manufacturers developing so fast?   Below for you to reveal the advantages of shenzhen LED display secrets, to share with you.  

1. Integrity of the industrial chain  

Shenzhen is a world famous electronic city, design city, advanced technology (compared to other cities), hardware processing is more perfect than other places.   With these foundations in place, there is a foundation for any new industry to develop.   The manufacturing, buying and selling of components in Shenzhen is more efficient.  

2. Good geographical location advantage  

Adjacent to Hong Kong, excellent port, land transport, air and supporting facilities make the shipping industry more developed than other cities.  

3. Simplified administrative examination and approval procedures and flexible policy guidance.  

Compared with other cities, Shenzhen is a young and energetic city.   Every time the whole country initiates the reform and the test field will choose Shenzhen.   Since the guidance of all production activities is dominated by the market, the market information in Shenzhen is better than that in other cities, which can facilitate the decision makers to formulate better guidance policies.  

4. Capital markets are more active  

As is known to all, the rise of a new industry is inevitable to the large investment in the early stage, shenzhen's developed finance can help enterprises in the early stage of the more flexible financing and later enterprise growth is easier to land in the capital market.  

5. Wider market  

Due to the good geographical location and developed shipping industry, Shenzhen has gathered 15 top 100 enterprises of China's electronic information and more than 1900 electronic enterprises, which has become the main force to promote the growth of Guangdong's electronic industry. In 2012, the sales volume of electronic products in Shenzhen is expected to reach 1,162.7 billion YUAN.   "And electronics manufacturing is important to China's economy, accounting for one-third of the country's total exports."  

6. Rich human resources  

Shenzhen mature technicians, engineers, designers, marketing personnel, management personnel more abundant for the production of high-quality LED display provides a good human base.   According to statistics, the permanent resident population at the end of 2010 was 10.3579 million, among which the registered population was 2.510 million.   The total population, including the floating population, was 13.22 million.  

In summary, Shenzhen is the national and even global LED display production of the main gathering place, the achievements can not be discussed, but the army is uncertain, who knows how to develop in the future.   In recent years, due to labor, plant rent, prices, local unrest, Shenzhen LED display is always facing industrial integration and continuous adjustment.   By giving full play to their own unique advantages, try to improve their shortcomings, disadvantages in the market to unbeaten.   Small pitch Shenzhen LED display, intelligent LED display and LED TV let you see LED display another spring.  

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