Full color LED electronic display future development direction analysis


In recent years, the reason why fullcolor LED electronic display is widely favored and rapid development is inseparable with its advantages, because it has high brightness,

miniaturization, small power consumption, long life, stable performance, low working voltage, and impact resistance and other characteristics.   Full color LED electronic display screen because of bright colors, strong three dimensional sense, static as oil painting, moving as film, LED display development

prospects are very broad, its development direction is summarized as the following points:  

First, LED display to light direction  

At present, the most popular product in the industry is the iron box screen. The weight of the light screen is more than 50 kilograms per square meter. With the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy.   Even if you do a small and medium-sized project of dozens of square meters, the total weight should be in tons.   As a result, many floor buildings are unable to bear such heavy attachments, the load-bearing balance of the building, the pressure of the foundation, etc., are not easy to accept.   Therefore, light is also the development direction of LED electronic display.  

Second, LED display to energy saving direction  

LED(semiconductor light emitting diode) itself is very energy saving, its characteristics are: high light efficiency, long life, easy to control, maintenance free;   It is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color soft, gorgeous, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is a green product.   But make LED display, power consumption is not small.   The operating voltage of LED is generally 3.2V and the maximum working current is 0.02A, which means the maximum power consumption is 0.06W.   However, LED electronic displays are large screens and require a lot of points.   Take outdoor P16 display as an example:   There are 3906 points of one square meter, and one point has three RGB lights. Then the power consumption of one square meter is calculated by 3906(point)×3(light)×0.02(A)×5(V)=1172W(maximum power consumption, calculated by the whole screen). The outdoor screen is at least dozens of square meters, or even hundreds of square meters, so the total power consumption is very large.   Therefore, reducing the power consumption of LED display and realizing real energy saving are absolutely the most important development direction of LED display.  

Third, LED display to thin transparent direction  

The electronic products commonly used in our life, TV sets are becoming thinner and thinner, many mobile phones are also ultra-thin as the highlight of products, computer monitors are also in the direction of thin development.   The product is thinner and correspondingly lighter, which makes it easier to transport and, in the case of the display, to assemble.   LED electronic display production must also follow the mainstream of the era of electronic products.   Say "through", "through" refers to the wind and light, if the LED electronic display is installed on the top of a high-rise building, then the wind is very important.   The greater the air permeability, the smaller the wind resistance, the stronger the wind resistance, and the greater the protection of the product.   If the LED display is installed on the side of a high-rise building, the product can be transparent and will not affect the indoor lighting. Otherwise, after the product is installed, it will become a dead wall, making the room as dark during the day as at night.   To sum up, thin and smart LED electronic display is also the direction of development.  

Fourth, LED display to the direction of patent protection  

From the global LED patent status, in terms of technology, LED has a high technical bottleneck, but low entry barrier characteristics.   The initial investment is small and the capital threshold is not high. In order to maintain the technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technology spillover, patent is the best way to protect.   And the patent barrier, is the first to enter the manufacturer to avoid the main means of competition, so the patent has become the LED industry development process can not avoid the important topic, but the whole industry has not paid much attention to it.   After the LED display industry started, basically no adjustment and development, it directly entered the stage of fierce competition. Everyone was busy fighting for the market and expanding the scale, hardly spending much energy on product research and development, also did not take into account the protection of intellectual property rights, and some new technologies did not apply for patents in time.   As the industry gradually matures and standardizes, it is also the inevitable development direction of LED electronic display industry to protect their intellectual property and intangible assets by applying for patents.  

Fifth, LED display to the direction of standardization  

At the beginning of this century, the huge market demand for LED electronic display enterprises mushroomed. Almost overnight, thousands of LED display enterprises appeared in this magical land of Shenzhen.   As soon as a new business is established, it needs a product to show and sell.   Independent development of new products is costly and slow, so everyone is looking for ways to cut corners, hasty design, copying each other is a common problem at this stage of the industry.   Not only between the enterprises of the product appearance size, installation hole position is not the same, even their own internal products are also uneven, the same type of product installation and fixing plate, hole position, screw specifications are not a lot of general, which causes great inconvenience to parts procurement, material preparation, after-sales service, etc.   Therefore, LED electronic display products standardization is an inevitable trend.  

Sixth, LED display to rapid and accurate stitching direction  

This is mainly for LED rental display.   The characteristic of lease is often disassembled to meet temporary needs, so the display box must be able to quickly and accurately splice.   Like a temporary outdoor concert, you need to rent a background screen of about 50 square meters, and the decision to use the screen may be two days before the concert can be installed.   In this case, if the product can not be quickly and accurately spliced, it can not meet the requirements of the site.   Even if it is fixed installation, it is also required, otherwise it will increase labor costs, affect the flatness of the large screen, and thus affect the display effect.   Therefore, fast and accurate installation is also the development direction of full color LED display.  

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